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Discover our fresh Wuxia Online Idle tier list: ranking characters from best to worst, factoring in all aspects. We follow the meta and updates.

We’ve published our new Wuxia Online Idle tier list. In this list, we’ve ranked the best characters in the game from best to worst. While creating this ranking, we considered all the factors. We’re keeping up with Wuxia Online Idle’s current meta, its latest updates, and the most recent developments. Additionally, we’re reviewing tier lists created by the Wuxia Online Idle community and looking at comments to make the best ranking. Tierlista editors will keep this list constantly updated. Let’s take a look at the best character rankings!

Wuxia Online Idle Tier List

Based on the latest patch, our Wuxia Online Idle Tier List is as follows:

Well-Rounded Teams Tier List

  • Front Line: Shaolin – Stand strong with the ancient Shaolin warriors at the forefront.
  • Back Line: Song-Shan – Strategically position Song-Shan experts at the back for tactical advantage.
  • Support: Medicine Lord’s Valley – Harness the power of the Medicine Lord’s Valley for essential support.
  • Backup: Floral Sect – Call upon the skills of the Floral Sect for additional reinforcement.
  • Wildcard: Choose One – Embrace the potential of Chunyang, Huashan, Six Fans Sect, Jiuli, or Five Poisons. Select any of these to complete your balanced team.

Fire Element Team Tier List

  • Front Line: Liangshan – Ignite the battle with the fiery strength of Liangshan in the vanguard.
  • Front Line: Thunderbolt Hall – Bolster your front line further with Thunderbolt Hall’s formidable might.
  • Back Line: Huashan – Position Huashan experts at the back to strike with controlled intensity.
  • Back Line: Hengshan – Harness Hengshan’s power from the rear to surprise your foes.
  • Back Line: Tanhua – Use Tanhua’s skills strategically from the back to dominate the fire element battles.

Wood Element Team Tier List

  • Front Line: Mohism – Forge a sturdy front line with the resilience of Mohism warriors.
  • Front Line: Nangong – Join forces with Nangong front liners to withstand any challenge.
  • Back Line: Floral Sect – Leverage the support of the Floral Sect from the back line.
  • Back Line: Jiuli – Strengthen your team with the versatility of Jiuli’s back line skills.
  • Back Line: Medicine Lord’s Valley – Enjoy the support of the Medicine Lord’s Valley’s skilled healers from behind.

Water Element Team Tier List

  • Front Line: Ancient Tombs – Unleash the power of Ancient Tombs warriors in the front line.
  • Front Line: Vajra Cult – Channel the strength of Vajra Cult members for an unstoppable front.
  • Back Line: Tang Clan – Strategically position Tang Clan experts in the back line for a tactical edge.
  • Back Line: Five Poisons – Employ the calculated strategies of Five Poisons from the rear.
  • Back Line: Songshan – Utilize Songshan’s expertise from the back to tip the balance in your favor.

Metal Element Team Tier List

  • Front Line: Shaolin – Forge a formidable front line with the legendary Shaolin warriors.
  • Front Line: Tianshi – Combine Tianshi’s strength with Shaolin’s for an indomitable front.
  • Back Line: Juezhang – Position Juezhang at the back to provide valuable support.
  • Back Line: Tianying – Strengthen your team’s defense with Tianying’s back line presence.
  • Back Line: Six Fans – Utilize Six Fans’ unique skills from the rear to outwit your opponents.

Ultimate Dream Team Tier List

  • Front Line: Tianlong – Lead the charge with the might of Tianlong warriors at the forefront.
  • Front Line: World Conference – Join forces with World Conference members to create an unbreakable front.
  • Back Line: Cihang – Position Cihang experts in the back for strategic support.
  • Back Line: Wudang – Harness Wudang’s techniques from the rear to turn the tide of battle.
  • Back Line: Xiaoyao – Embrace the unpredictability of Xiaoyao’s skills from the back for a winning combination.

Four Elements Dream Team Tier List

  • Front Line: Mohism – Forge a robust front line with the elemental strength of Mohism.
  • Front Line: Shaolin – Combine Shaolin’s power with the elements for an unstoppable front.
  • Back Line: Floral Sect – Support your team’s elemental prowess from the back with Floral Sect.
  • Back Line: Hengshan – Harness Hengshan’s versatile skills to solidify your elemental strategy.
  • Back Line: Five Poisons – Utilize Five Poisons’ calculated tactics from the rear to conquer all challenges.

It’s important to note that the exact definitions and criteria for each tier can vary depending on the game and the community creating the tier list. Additionally, a character or strategy’s placement in a tier list is not always an accurate reflection of its overall strength or effectiveness, as factors such as player skill and game balance can also play a significant role.

It’s crucial to acquaint yourself with the distinct skills and strengths of each character. Every unit possesses a unique set of abilities that sets them apart. Certain units specialize in dealing substantial damage to adversaries, while others shine in bolstering their teammates with valuable buffs and adept healing abilities.

Wuxia Online Idle strategy

In the perfect team configuration, it’s recommended to opt for a composition of 2 tanks to fortify your defenses, 2 damage dealers to ensure a robust offense, and 1 support character to provide crucial assistance. This setup capitalizes on a balanced synergy that optimizes both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Tier lists always provide great insights about the current meta. We hope you’ve enjoyed our Wuxia Online Idle tier list. We’d love your contributions too. You can share the tier lists you create for the game you play. We can publish them under your name and give credit to your desired links (e.g., Twitch, Twitter). Looking forward to seeing you in our next guide where we rank the best characters!