Blox Fruits: How to Find And Beat Diamond Boss

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Master the Blox Fruits Diamond Boss with our in-depth guide! Whether you're a seasoned player or new, conquer with detailed steps and unlock Second Sea access.

Embark on a journey to conquer the formidable Diamond Boss in Blox Fruits with our comprehensive guide. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, follow these detailed steps to locate and defeat the Diamond Boss, and unlock access to the Second Sea.

Blox Fruits: How to Find And Beat Diamond Boss

How to Reach Second Sea

Unlocking access to the Second Sea requires specific steps:

  1. Attain Level 700: Ensure your character reaches at least Level 700 to progress.
  2. Speak to Military Detective: Visit the Prison on the First Sea and engage in conversation with the Military Detective. Acquire a key during this interaction.
  3. Navigate Frozen Village: Locate the cave in Frozen Village where the Ability Teacher NPC resides.
  4. Defeat Ice Admiral: Employ the key to open a wooden door within the cave, initiating a battle with the Ice Admiral boss. Triumph over this adversary to advance.
  5. Return to Military Detective: Head back to the Military Detective with your victory, and initiate further dialogue.
  6. Consult Experienced Captain: Find the Experienced Captain located on the left side of Middle Town. Engage in conversation, and upon completion, the captain will facilitate your transition to the Second Sea.
Diamond Boss in Blox Fruits

Where to Find Diamond Boss

The Diamond Boss awaits in Flower Hill, nestled within the picturesque Second Sea region. Identifiable by its round terrain, a towering tree in the center, and sunflowers dotting the landscape, Flower Hill is situated right next to Colosseum. Keep an eye out for this distinctive location to pinpoint the Diamond Boss’s lair.

How to Beat Diamond Boss

Prepare for a challenging encounter as the Diamond Boss boasts 43,750 health, with each hit delivering a blow ranging from 100 to 500 health points. To emerge victorious, employ a strategic approach:

  • Maintain Distance: The Diamond Boss is a melee opponent, rendering ranged attacks highly effective. Keep a safe distance to avoid his close-quarter assaults.
  • Fruit Advantage: Consider wielding Venom or Magma fruits for a substantial advantage in the battle. Acquire Venom for $3M or 2,450 Robux, or opt for the Magma Fruit, available for $850k or 1,300 Robux.

Equip yourself with this comprehensive guide to confidently face the Diamond Boss, claim victory, and venture into the exciting realms of the Second Sea in Blox Fruits.