Tier List

Our rank list category is where the most recent rank lists are categorized. Tierlista editors create a tier list based on the data taken from the game and the information provided by the players who have spent time in the game. These lists can be edited for any factor in the game. Generally, tier lists consist of characters, weapons, abilities, teams, maps and items in the game.

So what do you gain by following these tier lists?

First, the tier lists show the strongest factors in the game’s latest patch and meta. In this way, taking these into consideration when creating a new character and purchasing an item will take you one step ahead in the game. It is also very important in competitive games and saves you from unnecessary waste of time. Because all players in competitive games act according to their tier lists. Even if your level is equal to a player, the character he plays or the item he buys may be stronger than yours. You can also follow this from the tier lists. If you want to win, always follow our lists and keep up with the current meta in the game!