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Blue Archive is a successful game published by NEXON Company on November 5, 2021, on Google Play and the App Store. It features over 150 characters (students) with different weapons and skills. Fans of anime particularly appreciate its graphics and characters. These features make Blue Archive a comprehensive and extensive mobile game, which is not commonly found in the mobile gaming industry. If you are interested in learning more about the top characters and a detailed analysis, continue reading our Blue Archive Tier List.

Blue Archive Tier List

Multiplayer, anime, role-playing, stylized, and much more! Yes, all in one game. But it doesn’t stop there. With its stunning graphics and legendary storyline, this game will captivate you. Which characters should you use in this game that has kept you hooked? It’s time to release the Blue Archive Tier List that we have been working on for a long time. How do you reroll? What are the tips and tricks about the game? All of this and more can be found in the Blue Archive Tier List article!





It’s important to note that the exact definitions and criteria for each tier can vary depending on the game and the community creating the tier list. Additionally, a character or strategy’s placement in a tier list is not always an accurate reflection of its overall strength or effectiveness, as factors such as player skill and game balance can also play a significant role.

Blue Archive Best Students


Senior administrator of the Gehenna Prefect Team and secretary to the head prefect, Hina. Ako is always by Hina’s side, assisting her. At first glance, she appears to be kind and good-natured, but she ruthlessly suppresses rule-breakers, showing no mercy. The students of Gehenna often call her “Hina’s pet,” but she doesn’t seem to mind.

Hot Shot

A pistol used by Ako. This pistol was awarded to Ako for reaching the position of senior administrator with painstaking effort. She always carries it with her and takes very good care of it.


Reconnaissance Report:

  • Effect: Increases the Critical Chance of one ally by 27.2% and Critical Damage by 50.5% for 16 seconds.

Supply Operation Plan B:

  • Cooldown: 45 seconds
  • Effect: Restores the HP of the ally with the lowest HP by 129% of Healing.

Beginning Supply Support:

  • Effect: Increases Heal Power by 14%.

Beginning Tactical Support:

  • Effect: Increases the Critical Damage of all allies by 9.1%.

Fuuka (New Year)

A member of the School Lunch Club that manages the Gehenna Academy’s dining hall. A kind and earnest student, making her a bit of a rarity at Gehenna. She prepares and serves hundreds of meals every morning for the students of Gehenna. She’s a good cook, but her skills are written off due to the dining hall’s lack of manpower. Still, she refuses to give up and is constantly looking for ways to improve the menu.

Lunch Club Defense Gun Type A

A submachine gun Fuuka carries everywhere. It was originally intended to control the occasional troublemakers in the dining hall, but those troublemakers usually quiet down before Fuuka gets to use it.


EX Skill: School Lunch Club’s New Year

  • Effect: Reduces the Cost Change of an ally’s next EX Skill use by 50% (rounded down) and increases their Critical Damage by 18.3% for 35 seconds.

Normal Skill: Time for Tasting!

  • Cooldown: 60 seconds
  • Effect: Grants a Shield with HP equal to 119% of Healing to the ally with the lowest HP, lasting up to 20 seconds.

Passive Skill: The Best Bite

  • Effect: Increases Heal Power by 14%.

Sub Skill: School Lunch Club’s Delivery

  • Effect: Increases all allies’ ATK (Attack) by 9.1%.


The former president of Veritas, a hacker club at the Millennium Academy, and the current president of the Super Phenomenon Task Force. She styles herself as a super genius hacker, and claims she has a degree in Omniscience, which only three people have received in Millennium’s history. However, no one’s ever been able to confirm the existence of such a degree. Himari relishes this, believing that secrets make a girl more beautiful. None can deny that she is an extremely talented hacker with a strange taste for the occult.

Clifftop Bloom

Clifftop Bloom

Himari’s pistol. A gun with a simple and elegant exterior. Himari uses it sparingly. “A flower blooming on a rocky clifftop is an extraordinary sight. Just like that flower, I’m in bloom.” – Himari


EX Skill: Hah! Look What I’m Made Of!

  • Effect: Increases the ATK (Attack) of one ally by 55.2% for 13 seconds.

Normal Skill: You Might Be Surprised!

  • Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • Effect: Deals 185% damage to one enemy and decreases their Dodge by 16.9% for 23 seconds.

Passive Skill: Cliftop Bloom

  • Effect: Increases ATK (Attack) by 14%.

Sub Skill: True Worth of a Beautiful Super Genius Hacker

  • Effect: Increases all allies’ Cost Regeneration by 10.6%.

Shizuko (Swimsuit)

President of the Festival Department, full of ambition and aspirations for the summer. The president’s passion is to spread Momoyodou franchises all over Kivotos. Any difficulty or obstacle is no problem as long as she has Idol Punch. She has nothing to fear and is determined to achieve anything that’s within her reach.

Sakura Bonbon

Sakura Bonbon

A pump-action shotgun that Shizuko uses at the beach. The scent of anmitsu still lingers. Now’s the time to spread that scent to the entire resort!


EX Skill: Summer Momoyodou Opening!

  • Effect: Repositions up to 4 allies in a circular area to the selected location and grants them a Shield with HP equal to 76.8% of Healing, lasting up to 30 seconds.

Normal Skill: Are You Hot?

  • Cooldown: 45 seconds
  • Effect: Increases the Critical Damage of the ally with the highest Crit DMG (Critical Damage) by 20.8% for 36 seconds.

Passive Skill: Sales Are Increasing!

  • Effect: Increases Heal Power by 14%.

Sub Skill: Cheer Up! Nyan!

  • Effect: Increases all allies’ ATK (Attack) by 9.1%.

Akane (Bunny)

A C&C agent wearing a Bunny Girl costume as her disguise. Even in unfamiliar environments, Akane keeps the team together, always in perfect uniform, and blazes their way forward with large amounts of C4. But she seems preoccupied lately… Maybe she’s too excited about her new bunny outfit?

Silent Solution

Silent Solution

This pistol is Akane’s constant companion. It’s been customized to be perfect for infiltration missions.


EX Skill: Meticulous Preparations

  • Effect: Places a mine that automatically explodes when an enemy is in range, dealing 351% damage. The mine lasts for 90 seconds.

Normal Skill: Immaculate Cleanup

  • Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • Effect: Deals 216% damage to enemies in a circular area.

Passive Skill: Close Capture

  • Effect: Increases ATK (Attack) by 14%.

Sub Skill: Rapid Support

  • Effect: Increases the ATK (Attack) of all allies who use [missing information]. (Please provide the missing information for a more accurate description)


A hacker of Veritas, Millennium Science School’s infamous hacking group. Wiretapping is her specialty, and she takes great pleasure in eavesdropping on other people’s private conversations. A socially awkward young lady who addresses even younger students with formal deference. In real life, she’s mousy and shy, but on the internet she’s a surprisingly glib wordsmith.

Echo Link

Echo Link

A pistol that Kotama always carries around. This model has minimized noise when firing to prevent it from interfering while listening in on wiretaps.


EX Skill: Commence Wiretap

  • Effect: Increases the ATK (Attack) of all allies in a circular area by 24.9% for 30 seconds.

Normal Skill: Tap Vulnerabilities

  • Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • Effect: Deals 237% damage to one enemy and decreases their ATK (Attack) by 18.9% for 20 seconds.

Passive Skill: Intensive Analysis

  • Effect: Increases HIT by 14%.

Sub Skill: EM Wave Diffusion

  • Effect: Increases all allies’ ATK (Attack) by 9.1%.


A kind-hearted girl affiliated with the Trinity Remedial Knights. A virtuous person who enjoys charity work, her concern for the health of those around her has earned her a reputation as a sort of mother hen. Despite having a somewhat timid personality and avoiding quarrels and conflict, she is always ready to stand up against enemies who threaten the peace.

Tactical Therapy

Tactical Therapy

Serina’s special assault rifle. Pulling the trigger injects shots, but not the kind that heal.


EX Skill: Intensive Care Set A

  • Effect: Repositions the closest ally to the selected location and restores their HP by 120% of Healing.

Normal Skill: Urgent Rescue Set B

  • Cooldown: 35 seconds
  • Effect: Restores the HP of the ally with the lowest HP by 94% of Healing.

Passive Skill: Ministering Angel

  • Effect: Increases Heal Power by 14%.

Sub Skill: Guardian Angel’s Smile

  • Skill Type: Sub Skill
  • Effect: Increases all allies’ Oppression Resist by 9.1%.

Attack and Defense Types

We’ve arrived at one of the most important topics in our Blue Archive Tier List: Attack and Defense Types! Teambuilding is a crucial aspect of Blue Archive due to its implementation of attack types and defense types, similar to rock-paper-scissors. Each student and enemy possesses their own attack and defense types, leading to varied effectiveness against different opponents. This article will delve into the reasons behind these dynamics.

Attack Types

Every student and enemy is designated with a specific attack type, symbolized by a sword icon. Currently, students can inflict Explosive (Red), Piercing (Yellow), or Mystic (Blue) damage. These damage types determine their advantage against specific enemy armor types/colors.

Enemies, including Total Assault Bosses up to Extreme difficulty, possess a unique attack type called Normal. This type deals 100% damage to any student, regardless of their armor type. It essentially represents versatility without specializing in any particular area.

Siege is another attack type that excels against battlefield structures and characters with Structure (purple) armor. However, there is no student available yet that utilizes this attack type.

Defense Types

Distinguished by a shield icon, each student and enemy also has their own defense type. This determines their resistance and vulnerability to specific attack types. They may possess Light (Red), Heavy (Yellow), or Special (Blue) armor.

It is advisable to exploit the defense types of enemies you encounter. While the initial stages of Blue Archive can be easily conquered without much synergy in your team, you will quickly hit a roadblock when faced with tougher enemies that resist your students’ attacks.


A simple way to remember the effectiveness of attack types against defense types is to consider their colors. If an attack matches an enemy’s armor color, it deals double (x2) damage. Conversely, an attack that an enemy resists only deals half (x0.5) damage. When an enemy is neutral to an attack type, it simply deals normal (x1.0) damage.

However, this doesn’t mean you should strictly adhere to matching colors during stages. Some students are strong enough to be useful outside of their specialized niche. For example, Iori, a Yellow Striker student, can be effective in stages with blue-armored enemies, while Iroha, a Blue Special student, can be valuable against red-armored enemies. Their damage and utility often allow them to perform well against enemies with different armor types.

Conversely, using Iori against Red armored enemies or Iroha against Yellow armored enemies will prove challenging, as those enemies outright resist their attack types. In such cases, it’s better to follow the same-color principle mentioned earlier.

Not all stages feature mono-type enemies. Some stages may include two different armor types, necessitating a diverse selection of attack types among your students. Ensure your student team has good synergy to tackle these types of stages effectively.

Enemy Attack Types

Most enemies encountered in Story or Hard mode stages possess Normal attack types. As a result, the color/type of attacks your Strikers have and their matchup against enemy armor become more crucial than the ability of your students’ armor to withstand enemy attacks.

Exceptions to this rule are Total Assault bosses in Insane and higher difficulties, as well as PvP mode.

In Total Assault, the boss’s attack type changes from Normal to a different type in Insane and Torment difficulties. This change may limit your student options, requiring consideration of whether a student’s armor can withstand the boss’s attacks or if they can be safely moved to avoid being targeted if their armor is weak against the boss’s attacks.

In PvP, you’ll face other players and their students, each with different attack types and armor. While it may feel somewhat random, especially when the AI randomizes the skill order, you can still influence your chances of victory by selecting the right students who capitalize on their strengths in both attack and defense types.

How to Reroll in Blue Archive

  • Step 1: Once you have downloaded the game, you will be prompted to choose a login method. Select the ‘Play with Guest Account’ option.
  • Step 2: You will have the option to enter your name and pronunciation by Arona in the game. You can enter any name you like, as you will be able to change it later. Tap the ‘Confirm’ button when you are done.
  • Step 3: The game will show some background shots before starting the prologue dialogue. Tap the ‘Menu’ button on the upper right corner and then click the fast-forward icon to skip the cutscene and proceed to the tutorial. You can always revisit the story later if you wish.
  • Step 4: Go through the tutorial. Unfortunately, the game does not allow you to skip it, so you must complete it until the end. Make sure to skip any cutscenes you come across. Each tutorial run takes approximately 3-5 minutes to complete.
  • Step 5: After the tutorial, the game will automatically give you a free 10-pull with a tutorial that requires you to do a roll. You are guaranteed to get at least one 3-star student from the pool, and you may get more if you’re lucky.
  • Step 6: Continue with the rest of the tutorial. This part takes around 4-6 minutes to complete.
  • Step 7: The game will prompt you to read Yuuka’s Momotalk, but you actually have free navigation in the menus. Tap the X button to close the window.
  • Step 8: Back at the main menu, tap the envelope icon and claim all the gifts that have been given to you. These gifts can be used to do more rolls in the gacha.
  • Step 9: After claiming your gifts, a quick tutorial about account linking will appear. You don’t need to link your account yet, especially if you are not satisfied with your current student roster. Simply close the tutorial and go back to the lobby.
  • Step 10: Return to the ‘Recruit’ tab that you went through earlier and tap on it. From here, you will see various character banners to choose from. Some banners may have a higher drop rate for specific students. The Regular Recruitment banner has equal rates for all non-limited characters in the game.Use as many rolls as you want on the banners you are interested in until you run out. If you are satisfied with your account pulls and roster, proceed to step 13. If you are unsatisfied, continue to step 11.
  • Step 11: If you are unhappy with your rolls, go back to the main menu and tap the icon on the upper right of the screen, then tap the ‘Account’ button.
  • Step 12: Click the ‘Continue’ button on the right side of the ‘Reset Account’ section. Follow the onscreen instructions to delete your account.Once done, go back to step 1 and start the process again. Repeat until you are satisfied with your students. Then proceed to step 13.
  • Step 13: If you are happy with your rolls, go back to the main menu and tap the icon on the upper right of the screen, then tap the ‘Account’ button.
  • Step 14: Tap the ‘Continue’ button on the right side of the ‘Link Account’ section. It will provide options to bind your account using Facebook, Google, Apple, or Nexon ID. It is highly recommended to bind your account to ensure its security.

And that’s it! You are now ready to continue your adventures in the mystical city of Kivotos. We hope this reroll guide has been helpful for aspiring teachers aiming to get their desired students!

You’ve read the Blue Archive Tier List, and now you’re ready! Make your selection from the characters you liked who are at the top of our list and become unbeatable in the game! We’re confident that you enjoyed our article. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to dive into the story now. Let’s go!