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Welcome to Palworld, an expansive open-world adventure where players embark on a thrilling journey of creature collection and survival, developed by Pocket Pair, Inc. Your adventure begins as you find yourself washed ashore on the enigmatic Palapagos Isles, or any alternate name you’ve chosen for your world, armed only with a mysterious tool known as the “Paldeck.”

In Palworld, your mission is to capture a diverse array of Pals inhabiting these islands, utilizing them for both combat and shelter construction. As you navigate through the lush landscapes, you’ll confront a nefarious poaching organization while unraveling the many secrets hidden within the islands’ depths.

Since its Early Access launch on January 19, 2024, Palworld has taken the gaming world by storm, selling over six million copies within the first eight hours. It introduces players to the captivating experience of forming bonds with Pals for both enjoyment and profit. With a multitude of biomes waiting to be explored and numerous dungeons to conquer, the Palapagos Isles promise endless adventures for those who relish the thrill of exploration and monster-catching in a vast open-world setting.