How to Get All Christmas Gloves in Slap Battles

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Check out How to Get All Christmas Gloves in Slap Battles now. Follow the steps, and become the owner of all the gloves!

Slap Battles’ festive update brings three exciting Christmas gloves – Mitten Gloves, Snowball Gloves, and Santa Gloves. These gloves grant unique abilities for epic battles in the game. Here’s your comprehensive guide on obtaining each one

How to Get All Christmas Gloves in Slap Battles

Mitten Gloves

To snag the Mitten Gloves, complete the Lucky Gift Badge, exclusive to the Christmas season. Here’s the drill:

  1. Open gifts during Christmas and hope for the ‘Lucky Gift.’
  2. If you’re fortunate to get it, you’ll receive the Mitten Gloves and the badge.
  3. Collaborate with a player wearing Mitten Gloves to trigger their abilities, spawning presents.
  4. Collect these gifts; there’s a 1% chance of obtaining the badge.

Pro tip: If you have Spectator gloves, use them to fly and swoop down, grabbing presents easily while being invincible.

Snowball Gloves

Obtaining Snowball Gloves follows a similar method to Mitten Gloves. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Pick up presents with Tick Marks to have a chance at Mitten or Snowball Gloves.
  2. For Snowball Gloves, aim for the Engineer’s Gift badge.
  3. If you get Snowball first, rely on another player twice.
  4. Drop rates: Mitten (1% from good gift), Snowball (0.5% from good gift), 50% chance of good gifts dropping.

Santa Gloves

Getting the Santa Gloves involves accumulating 50 Epic Christmas Swag Points. Follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Normal Arena and find the Snowball Smash Portal.
  2. Enter the portal to join a new server with the King of the Hill game mode.
  3. Win matches by staying on top of the tower for the longest during the 5-minute timer.Tips for King of the Hill:
    • Stay under the castle at the start to prevent opponents from reaching the top.
    • Use Snowballs strategically to knock enemies back without engaging in close combat.
  4. First win of the day grants 5 Points; subsequent wins give 1 Point each.
  5. Unlock Santa Gloves after reaching 40 Points, which can take just 2-3 days if you play consistently.

Quick grind strategy:

  • Aim for at least 2 wins daily to accumulate 6 Points.
  • With consistency, unlock Santa Gloves in 4 days.
  • Even with just the first win of the day, get Santa Gloves in 8 days.