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Now, check out Soul Knight Prequel: Mastering the Assassin. Apply the steps and builds we provided. See how to easily defeat the toughest bosses!

In this guide, we covered Soul Knight Prequel: Mastering the Assassin. Follow the steps to become a master like never before in the assassin class, and see how to easily defeat the bosses!

Soul Knight Prequel: Mastering the Assassin – Best Build Guide for End Game Success

Choosing the Assassin class in Soul Knight Prequel opens up a world of possibilities for dominating the field, provided you tailor your build just right. In this guide, we’ll delve into the best gear, skills, and strategies to maximize the effectiveness of your Assassin, ensuring you breeze through the Ruined Castle and take down bosses like the Grand Wizard with finesse.

Skill Points Allocation

When playing as the Assassin, focus solely on passive skills. Refer to the provided image to identify the key skills that will enhance your performance. Additionally, remember to invest your stat points into Dexterity, amplifying your agility and precision.

Passive Skills Overview

The Assassin’s passive skills revolve around leveraging critical hits to gain damage buffs and healing, with a focus on Exsanguination and the Bleeding status effect.

Equipment Recommendations

  1. Colossal Zweihander of Black Archknight:
    • Location: Ruined Castle (Black Archknight)
    • Effect: Boosts critical chance and damage by 15%.
  2. Cuirass of the Crystal Snapclaw:
    • Effect: Provides 15% Mana regen, eliminating the need for mana potions.
  3. Infernal Mask:
    • Effect: Grants the same amount of Mana regen as the Cuirass; effects stack.
  4. Dragoon Warboots:
    • Effect: Increases Dexterity and regular damage.
  5. Jade Ring:
    • Effect: Offers a bonus critical chance of 45%.
  6. Necklace of the Crystal Snapclaw:
    • Effect: Increases critical damage by an additional 15%.

Crafting Your Build

Combine the recommended equipment with the identified passive skills to achieve a staggering Crit Damage of 300%. Ensure a Bonus Crit Chance of at least 75% for optimal results.

Fatebound Items

Invest in Fatebound Items, acquired from items sharing the same Fatebound Node. Activating the effects of two or three identical items enhances your abilities. Look out for nodes like Premium Bundle, Blowout, Backlash, Onslaught, Lifesteal, and Heavy Armor for a diverse set of improvements.


Armed with this comprehensive guide, experiment with your own build and witness how quickly you can conquer the challenges of the Ruined Castle and defeat formidable bosses like the Grand Wizard. The perfect Assassin build awaits your mastery – dive in and leave your mark on the world of Soul Knight Prequel!